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Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms of use below prior to using any website that Morito CO., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Morito") manages or operates (hereinafter referred to as "the company's websites") and use the company's websites only if you agree with these conditions.

Morito may change the terms of use of the company's websites. Please be aware that the changed terms of use will apply in that case.

1. Copyrights, trademarks, etc.

1. The copyright of the work such as writing, photographs, images, sound and programs, included on the company's websites (hereinafter referred to as "content") belongs to Morito, the original copyright holder or another right holder. The unauthorized reproduction or diversion, etc., of content is prohibited by law except for personal use and in other cases recognized by law so please obtain permission for use by contacting Morito in advance.

2. The trade names and other brand names and logo marks of Morito Products and/or Morito group company Products used on the company's websites belong to Morito. Their unauthorized use, etc., are prohibited by law so please obtain permission for use by contacting Morito in advance.


A link to any of the company's websites does not mean that Morito recommends the use of the website the link originates from, or the products, services, companies, etc., included thereon. Furthermore, such a link does not mean that a special relationship such as an alliance exists between Morito and the website the link originates from.

If you wish to establish a link to the company's websites, please contact Morito from here: Contact us

Morito may refuse links and invitations from websites or media that infringe the following conditions or when such suspicion exists. Furthermore, even if Morito has permitted a link or invitation, Morito may demand the discontinuation or withdrawal of said link or invitation. In either case, Morito shall not bear liability for presenting or explaining the criteria for judgment of or grounds for such a demand.

① The website or media must not defame or slander Morito or any of its affiliated companies or their executives or employees
② The website or media must not impair the confidence or integrity of Morito, such as a website offensive to public order and morals.
③ The link must not be in a form that may damage the integrity of the company's websites such as a frame link.
④ The link or invitation must not cause the misunderstanding that there exists some kind of business alliance or cooperative relationship with Morito, or cause the misunderstanding that Morito recognizes or supports that website or media.
⑤ The site or media must not be one that Morito judges to be inappropriate.

3.Governing law

Use of the company's websites and the interpretation and application of these terms of use shall be governed by Japanese law except as otherwise provided. Furthermore, the Osaka District Court shall be the court of jurisdiction with regard to all disputes related to the use of the company's websites except as otherwise provided.


1. Morito pays the utmost attention when publishing information on the company's websites. However, Morito provides no guarantee whatsoever with regard to whether this information is accurate, useful or definite, whether this information matches the purpose of the customer who uses it or whether this information is safe (i.e., computer function will not be discontinued, no computer errors will occur, defects will be remedied, there are no computer viruses or other harmful agents on the company's websites or servers, etc.). Furthermore, Morito shall also bear no liability whatsoever with regard to any damage that occurs due to a customer using this information or not being able to use this information, or due to a customer using the company's websites.

2. Morito may change or delete the information published on the company's websites, or interrupt or discontinue the operation of the company's websites without prior notice. Morito shall also bear no liability whatsoever with regard to any damage that occurs due to any change or deletion of the information published on the company's websites, or any interruption or discontinuation of the operation of the company's websites for any reason whatsoever.

5.Recommended browsers

Morito recommends viewing the company's websites using one of the following browsers or their more recent versions:

Windows : Internet Explorer 11・Microsoft Edge (Latest edition)・ Mozilla Firefox (Latest edition)・Google Chrome (Latest edition)
MAC:Safari (Latest edition)


Android:Google Chrome (Latest edition)
iPhone: Safari (Latest edition)

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